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Darkness II Light Homeless Shelter

"Where God has Brought Us out of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light"

About Us

Darkness II Light Outreach Ministries is an international oriented Christian ministry which has been created and designed to assist the under-privileged incarcerated juvenile, youths, foster care children, elderly home-shut in, homeless people, ex-convicts, recovery drug addicts, poor, hungry and less fortunate individuals by providing a full range of charitable human services, spiritual tools, recovery programs, shelter, educational training and community activities in southern regional states.

We are very dedicated to putting this mission to action with our team of spiritual leaders, professional fund-raisers, and the community we serve who are willing to sacrifice their time by volunteering to do service work and labor for God's people.

Darkness II Light Outreach Ministries help those men, women and children who are in need, to become spiritually aware, grow and develop into Christ like characters by providing spiritual counseling, discipleship, love, faith, hope, structure, discipline, fellowship and also assist them to obtain employment skills needed to live life's terms to become fruitful and productive members of society.